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Your Questions, Answered.

Who can join the club?

Anyone over the age of 25 with a minimum of a Powerboat Level 2 licence can join. If you do not have this qualification please contact us and we can organise obtaining it through one of our network of training schools.

What does it cost?

Please visit our Join Our Club page for pricing and our various packages. Membership is based on a 12 month contract from the date of your first day out.

How many passengers do the boats carry?

Our ribs are licensed to carry up to 11 guests including the skipper. Our Axopar is licensed to carry up to 6 guests including the skipper.

Can you provide life jackets?

Yes, we provide adult life jackets for all on board. However you will need to provide you own life jackets for any children.

What should I bring with me?

On hot sunny summer days sunglasses a hat/cap and sun cream are all recommended. Please wear comfortable flat, non-slip footwear such as trainers or deck shoes. Please bring warm clothes and waterproofs if you have them as the weather can be unpredictable and sometimes there is a high wind-chill factor aboard the boat despite the heat of the sun. There is limited dry storage on board so please bing with you what you need.

Will I get wet?

Our ribs are open boats so even on a dry sunny day the wind can cause some spray. We recommend bringing waterproofs just in case.

Our Axopar 28 has a cabin so even on a rainy day you will be inside and shielded from the elements.


Your safety is our highest priority and so:
Life Jackets must be worn at all times.
You must remain seated at all times whilst under way.
There is no smoking allowed on board or on any of the pontoons.
No alcohol is allowed to be consumed on board - drinking and rough seas do not mix.

Do you provide an induction day?

Yes, on your first day out with us you will have a skipper accompany you. They will go over all the safety equipment and controls of the boat. You will then be able to plan your day with any input from the skipper pointing out any local hazards and speed limits etc. Feel free to use the skipper to brush up on any skills or plot passages to a new destination.

Are there any restrictions on board the boat?

Is a boat ride suitable for me?

Boat rides can be bumpy as the weather and sea can be unpredictable. Unfortunately boat excursions are not suitable for anyone with serious back or heart complaints or for pregnant women.

Where can we go?

Our boats are limited to The Solent. You are able to go anywhere between Chichester/Bembridge to the East and to The Needles in the West. You can explore the whole of the North Side of the Isle of Wight.

Are there any events throughout the year?

Please visit out Events page for all the events happening in and around The Solent for the year ahead. There is always lots to see and do.

What if I encounter a problem?

In the first instance please call us straight away - our boats all have membership with Sea Start so in the unlikely event you have a breakdown we will organise for them to come to you as soon as they can.

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